Why SkyBitch?

SkyBitch was founded by author, ontological life coach, and motivational speaker Becky Woodbridge. In overcoming the many obstacles in her life, Becky developed a unique and empowering perspective that she shares with her audiences.

The term was adopted by Becky in reference to her career as a flight attendant, but it has since grown to embody the root of her message to women: Change your attitude, and you can change the world.


It’s about overcoming obstacles, real and imagined, and about discovering your own style and balance without limits.


Becky’s own personal challenges form the foundations from which true empowerment can be unlocked.


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Chart a flight plan that will take you wherever you want to go.

A powerful motivational speaker and women’s advocate, Becky Woodbridge shares insights she’s uncovered in her experience as a flight attendant, and through the myriad challenges she has overcome in her life.

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