“To be inspired is great, but to inspire is an honor.”
– Stacey T. Hunt

“I never set out to become a life coach or a motivational speaker. I just discovered a love for helping people along the way.”

It’s easy to detect a tinge of pride in Becky whenever she speaks of her journey “from doormat to serial entrepreneur.” And it’s exactly what makes her such a compelling speaker. Audiences who are accustomed to the hype and rehearsed platitudes of motivational speakers are instantly disarmed by Becky’s sincere, forthright manner. She speaks to crowds as if they were simply an old friend that she’s just catching up with.

Becky’s unapologetic, off-the-cuff style works magnificently with her message of empowerment simply because it is so remarkably approachable and easy for audiences to identify with.


The effect is refreshing, to say the least. But even more importantly, it’s engaging. To hear Becky speak about her life makes you begin rooting for her. And as the powerful lessons she’s learned reveal themselves in her tale, makes you realize that she’s rooting for you as well.

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Chart a flight plan that will take you wherever you want to go.

A powerful motivational speaker and women’s advocate, Becky Woodbridge shares insights she’s uncovered in her experience as a flight attendant, and through the myriad challenges she has overcome in her life.

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