United Airlines Communication Breakdown

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United Airlines Communication Breakdown

I feel sick to my stomach about what happened on United Airlines with the dog who died in the overhead bin.

With that said there is always more to the story beyond the segmented pieces we get from the various news organizations covering the incident. 30 years as a Flight Attendant for a major airline I have seen and heard things that will blow your mind but never did I ever hear of a Flight Attendant putting a pet in the OHB. We debated once what to do with a chicken but never a dog.

I also have never seen a passenger not get out of their seat during turbulence if they wanted to get up. Three and a half hours is a long flight not to stretch or use the restroom so why not check on the dog? Flight Attendants are very compassionate people and care a great deal about their passengers. They are people who come to work in their own mood just as each passenger does.

Moods greatly affect how people listen, take action or inaction. Depending on the mood you are living in will change the way you interact and communicate with others. Listening is an interpretation of what someone else is saying and it’s through our filters. Our filters include moods, cultural discourses, family discourses, beliefs, surroundings Etc. Those filters influence our interpretations. This was a serious break in communication. All the people involved did not communicate effectively in order to prevent this tragedy.

My book, “A Flight Attendant’s Full Disclosure”, is the HOW in managing customer service breakdowns. People need skills in communication to be effective customer service professionals.  If you would like to buy my book for your employees in bulk rate please contact me direct otherwise it can be picked up on Amazon.

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